Shortly after its start-up began developing software for vessel traffic management. The first projects were related to the collection of shipping duties. From these early days onwards we have gradually extended our expertise in the different domains of vessel traffic management:
  • Notification/Message Handling

    In 2001 developed and installed MCCD for the nv De Scheepvaart in Hasselt, Belgium. MCCD is short for Message Concentration, Conversion and Dispatching. MCCD is a message broker system. Incoming XML-messages are transformed and dispatched to registered users (applications). MCCD was first used for handling messages related to the collection of shipping duties: these messages were dispatched to applications for generating statictics and for handling preliminary notifications of ships to locks.

At a later stage a consolidator was added to MCCD. This module interprets the messages coming from different sources and combines them into messages with a richer content.

Over the next years has built up a comprehensive knowledge base about messages and message flows in river transport. This was a solid base for building amongst others applications for:

  • processing ERI messages (ERI is short for Electronic Reporting International),
  • visualising actual ship positions using a geographic information system (GIS),
  • generating statistics.
  • High-Speed Data Access on Redundant Servers

    As a subcontractor for TINC Associates for the project Westerschelde Planner (WESP) set up a redundant, Linux-based server configuration.

For the same application we developed a library in the C programming language for delivering fast access to data on the model of the bottom of the tidal river Scheldt and on its water depth. WESP uses these data to calculate the keel clearance on the river.
  • Traffic Schedules - Traffic Model

For Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV , division Zeekanaal, developed the VSZ system for calculating traffic schedules. A traffic schedule encompasses the ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for a set of relevant points on the vessel's itinerary.

VSZ is an interactive traffic planner. It generates an initial proposal for a vesssel traffic schedule. VSZ thereby tries to optimize traffic times and energy and water consumption. 

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